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For over 20 years, the B Street Theatre School Tour has awed and inspired children and adults throughout Northern California. We are constantly hearing stories about individuals seeing live theatre for the first time, and each year, how the School Tour has brightened children’s lives and given them a more relevant and committed understanding of the arts. We even have School Tour kids who are now adult patrons of the B Street Theatre; they are actors, directors or writers themselves. There are hundreds of kids who have grown up being a part of B Street Theatre; and we want to hear your stories.

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Some stories from you

We are always amazed by the performances. They are so engaging. The students and staff cannot keep our eyes off of the characters. As teachers we really appreciate the instructive language that increases the student’s exposure to interesting vocabulary without leaving them in the dark. The kids get joy and fun along with the growth. Today my first grade class wrote some dialogue for a play and were all excited thanks to your troupe. Bravo!

K/1 Teacher, Heritage Oak Elementary School, Roseville

I want to take a moment on behalf of the staff and students of St. Peter the Martyr School to extend our special thanks to all involved with B Street School Tour for providing us with outstanding entertainment. We always look forward to having B Street Theatre perform at our school. B Street Theatre is an exemplary performing arts troupe. Each year our students are entertained and inspired by the performances.

I appreciate how accommodating and professional your group is. The performances always bring joy, knowledge, wonder, and awe to our students and staff. The sets, creative costumes and sound effects are well planned and orchestrated. The performers do a terrific job of transforming from one character to another. It is evident that the performers enjoy and take pride in their work. This is a fun and effective learning venue for our students. We look forward to enjoying more of your creative and thought provoking performances for many more years.

Principal, School of St. Peter the Martyr, Pittsburg

As a parent, I wanted to let you know that B Street Theater Productions have inspired my daughter over the years. This weekend Ella, a high school sophomore now, is performing in School House Rock at Woodland Opera House, and I remember way back when she was sitting at the Elementary School performance of B Street Theater, and she stated, “I want to be able to do that!”

4th Grade Teacher, Esparto Elementary School

This is give a SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to B Street Theatre and everyone who had a part in bringing this wonderful experience to my students. To say that they loved B Street Theatre and the actors/ actresses, is an understatement. The company connected so well with my students and were great examples of working towards making your personal dreams come true.
Principal, John Bidwell Elementary, Sacramento

Thank you so much for continuing to bring your wonderful performances to schools. For most of our students it is the only ‘live theater’ they experience. It is obvious when I watch them watching you that they are captivated by what they see and hear. I only wish that they could be that quiet and attentive more often!

2nd/3rd grade Teacher, Plainfield Elementary, Woodland

As a 6th grade teacher, I really enjoyed your play. It had so many references to what I’ve been teaching this year that it made the play very relevant to my students. I also enjoyed to humor because that is what separates B St from any other assembly we may have. The humor isn’t “dumbed-down” and yet the students get it.

6th Grade Teacher, Ridgepoint Elementary, Sacramento

I always love having you all come to our school. In my class, 4th grade, when the kids asked what the assembly was about I said it was B Street Theater and immediately 6 kids said “Oh, I love them!” Then, of course, it took me 3 minutes to get them under control again, which I blame totally on you. Also, afterward, I had several kids come up and say how much they liked the performance. I figure unsolicited comments from kids are like letters to our congressman – one letter is viewed as representing 1000 people, so I would say you were well liked. 
4th Grade Teacher, Sargeant Elementary, Roseville

B Street Theatre has been sending their touring productions to our school every year for a school wide assembly, sometimes more than once. Our teachers appreciate the originality and creativity of the writing of the plays, while the students appreciate the high quality of the actors’ performances.

The plays are fast-paced and packed with humor and yet thought provoking – be that about history or life lessons. No matter what grade level sees the programs, the plays are enriching and a wonderful addition to their theatre experience.

Best of all, many of B Street’s productions tie in to subjects the students either are learning about, or will be. I like the idea of presenting these ideas in many different and creative ways to really sink an idea into the students’ minds.

As a school Fine Arts Coordinator, I am always on the look out for arts programs that are going to benefit the largest amount of students in our school. This type of production is an effective medium of communication and education that meets my requirements.

B Street is a pleasure to work with and I always look forward to their coming back.

Fine Arts Coordinator, Holy Spirit School, Sacramento

I have to tell you, that Friday’s performance was one of the best I have ever seen. I was actually crying I was laughing so hard. It is so wonderful to have a break and be entertained. The students (and the teachers) have been working very hard and to see the pure joy on their faces warmed my heart. We have been under quite a bit of stress with budget cuts and the lay off of teachers. I appreciate the humor that you offer that is appropriate while still being clever. So much of the humor we see currently is either vulgar or in the way of putting down others. Because of the down economy, we have seen our PTA budget go down every year. Even so, we scrape together enough so that we can give our children the experience of live theater and we never regret it. Thank you for giving a great performance and allowing us to escape to the land of make-believe. 

2ND Grade Teacher, Tahoe Elementary, Sacramento City

I used the Playwriting Guide to supplement the writing component of my English Language Development (ELD) curriculum…We had just finished reading a play in ELD. One of the optional pieces in the curriculum was to then write a play, but the curriculum was not as in-depth as the guide that B Street Theater provided. I used both the adopted curriculum and the guide to help my students write their plays….They were highly motivated and very involved. I wish there had been more time to dedicate to this activity.

I appreciate that B Street Theater comes to our school and has this playwriting contest available for the students to participate in. It makes the writing process more meaningful because they aren’t just writing because I tell them to do it. They have a definite goal in mind. They are very competitive and like the incentive of being chosen as a winner.

ESL Teacher, Bates Elementary School, Courtland


Performing Arts is consistently noted on annual parent surveys as an area in which they would like their children to have more exposure. Performing Arts is an area that is challenging to address within the grade level curriculum. B Street Theater is an excellent example of students being exposed to the arts and also to creative writing. Students can submit scripts each year to the B Street Theater group. The scripts for the yearly shows are taken from these submissions. This talented group of performers visits schools to perform acts taken from this writing. This is an engaging and exciting motivation for students to write and share with a real audience. B Street Theater is always excitedly awaited by staff, parents and students alike.
Jodi Westphal , Principal, Spanger School, Roseville (commenting on our Fantasy Festival)

A few weeks ago, your cast performed “We Declare” for Jefferson Elementary School. My first graders really enjoyed the show because it was so entertaining and high energy. I really wasn’t sure, though, how much they got out of it until today.

One of the stories for the 1st grade curriculum is called “In 1776”. Today, before I read the story to the children, I reminded them of the show that they had seen performed by B street theatre – We Declare.

Throughout the story “In 1776” the students were saying things like: “Oh, that’s just like what happened in the show.” “Thomas Jefferson is the same guy that wrote that in the show.” “His name is just like our school.”

I possibly could have done without the students bursting into song =) “We Declare” in the middle of the story, but it added to the charm. After all, they are only six and seven years old. It was actually really cute.

I was really excited because they got it!
Maria Jones, Teacher, Jefferson Elementary, Sacramento (commenting on WE DECLARE!)

Thank you so much, as always, for your uplifting and talented performances! In particular this time, I appreciated the vocabulary words and content that was so appropriate for my 4th grade students. We went over many of the words ahead of time, and students were excited to discuss words they recognized after the play. In addition, the play about the planet of Sinus was hilarious (at least for me!), and some of the kids caught on to the subtle humor in it. I look forward to your performances every year, as do the children. Thank you so much for all you do – you teach children about talent, confidence in performing, the power of hard work, and you reinforce concepts they are learning in fun ways. Bravo!
Jody Greger, 4th grade teacher, Adkison Elementary School, Ceres (commenting on Environmental Escapades)