Sponsor A School

Many people can still recall the first time they saw live theatre — the wonder, the mystery, the energy. Theatre makes kids see possibility; it opens their mind to new ways of imagination and thinking.

Yet, many schools cannot afford the experience of live theatre. You, your company, or organization can purchase B Street Theatre School Tour performances for economically disadvantaged schools, or any school of your choice, and bring the magic of live theatre to hundreds of children in your region. Children love the experience, and teachers are encouraged to use the productions and accompanying study guides to spark discussion, learning and writing exercises. Many times, a School Tour performance is a child’s very first time seeing live theatre!


From Patty Bonstetter, one of B Street Theatre’s long-time subscribers:

PattyBonstettercropped“I’ve been a volunteer tutor at PS7 Elementary School in Oak Park since it opened in 2003. While I was sure there was a television in every child’s home, I suspected many of the children had never seen live theatre. And I knew B Street had a school touring company. I also knew that for a relatively small investment on my part, I could ensure an early exposure to a fabulously enriching experience for 250 children. So I spoke with the PS7 principal and my friends at B Street. Now, every year, PS7 and B Street know they have a date. The company is fun and engaging. The kids love it! They look forward to seeing a real, live play and then they come alive! All I have to do is write a check. Worth every penny.”
Patty Bonstetter

From Pat Murphy, Literacy Chair at Rancho Cordova Rotary Club, who, in the span of three years, has increased sponsorship for our Playwriting Workshops and Assemblies from 3 to now 6 schools in Rancho Cordova:

Pat Murphy photocropped“What motivates me to continue sponsoring this program is the results we have seen and how easy it is to work with B Street Theatre.

My UNDERLYING motivation is my firm belief in the “ask” letter I send to donor prospects that says, “. . . , the ability to read and write increases access to higher education; opening up new horizons and the ability to think critically; enabling our children to develop their potential and participate fully in their community and wider society. In short, it promotes a healthy personality and reduces criminal activity. Literate people enjoy better health and employment prospects, and employers have a richer pool of job applicants.” I believe it is the pebble in the pond and benefits our community, our city, our state and, yes, our nation. The children are our future; what does that look like if not literate?”

From Kevin and Angela Spease, of Laguna Sunrise Rotary Club of Elk Grove, who have helped raise over $14,000 in the last two years for playwriting workshops and assemblies in Elk Grove:

KevinAngelacropped“Our literacy efforts were started by a challenge; improve literacy of under-served students in the Sacramento Valley in a creative and engaging way. After a bit of research, the answer was obvious. By forging a relationship between the Rotary Club of Rancho Cordova and B Street Theatre, we brought the unique playwriting experience to nearly 400 students in Title 1 schools in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District. In the following year, we expanded the program to include the Rotary Clubs of Laguna Sunrise and Elk Grove. Together, we reached 1,000 additional students in Elk Grove Unified School District Title 1 schools. We expect continued partnership growth to enable us to keep reaching more students and improving our community.

We enjoy doing this program because it provides us the unique opportunity to connect three passions: Rotary, Theatre and literacy. We’ve had the opportunity to see pride on a student’s face when they have achieved their goal. We’ve seen the joy in the audiences’ faces when they see their peer’s work performed by professional actors. We’ve heard sincere appreciation from parents, teachers and administrators for the spectacular experience that B Street Theatre and our Rotary Clubs have brought into their students’ lives.”

To get more information about how you can become a sponsor for our work in schools, please contact Melissa Cirone at 916-443-5391 x110 or at mcirone@bstreettheatre.org.