Holmes and Watson

Jeffrey Hatcher

April 16, 2019 May 26, 2019

"An amazing must-see cliffhanger"

- Broadway World

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An all new Sherlock mystery! In the year following the assumed death of the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes at the falls of Reichenbach, his most trusted companion, Dr. Watson is called upon to discredit a number of “false sightings.” With each call, Watson must travel to expose them as fakes until one day when he is summoned to an insane asylum on an island, in the middle of a storm, where there is not one man claiming to be Sherlock Holmes, but three! With the shocks and surprises that we expect from a Sherlock Holmes story, playwright Jeffrey Hatcher puts us on the edge of our seats until the final moment. Don’t give away the ending! #dontgiveawaytheending


Jason Kuykendall
Sherlock Holmes 1
Ryan Imhoff
Sherlock Holmes 2
Dave Pierini
Sherlock Holmes 3
Peter Story
Greg Alexander
Dr. Evans
Kathryn Smith-McGlynn
Anthony Marble


Buck Busfield
Producing Artistic Director
Jerry Montoya
Executive Producer/Director
Lynnae Vana
Stage Manager