SBL Entertainment Presents – Funky Feat

September 13, 2019 September 13, 2019

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Paul Barrère and Fred Tackett have been working as an acoustic duo since 1999, when little feat had down time. This is where the Funky Feat started when they decided to add Feat friends Kenny Gradney and Gabe Ford. Kenny of course shares the same pedigree as Paul with 47 years of playing together in Little Feat, as well as working on other recording projects with the likes of Chico Hamilton, Bob Weir, and lately with Paul Brown. And Gabe Ford was asked to join up with Little Feat when Ritchie Hayward passed away. Gabe fit the bill nicely having teched for Ritchie for many years. His family are all musicians really, his uncle Robben Ford has used him on numerous tours. Now they crank it up a notch going from all acoustic to electric and acoustic !!! The four players make up Funky Feat, and everything they do gonna be funky.