SBL Entertainment Presents – Mike Dugan’s ‘Men Fake Foreplay’

July 6, 2018 July 6, 2018

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Emmy Award-winning writer and Tonight Show comedian Mike Dugan’s ‘Men Fake Foreplay’ is a hilarious trip through the trials and errors encountered on the road to becoming a man in a
"boys will be boys" world.
What begins as a naive attempt to "figure out women" quickly shifts into an honest and candid exploration of the male and female psyches and the cultural influences that shape a man's character.
The result is a highly entertaining and deeply considered look at men's experiences with responsibility, trust, feelings, intimacy, commitment, street-corner sex education, role models, dating, diamonds, marriage, lying, cheating, divorce, fantasizing, blaming, shaming, dancing, and, especially, their relationships with women. Dugan’s long career of comedy writing and performing provides a unique take on these topics that has consistently elicited responses describing the show as “hilarious, important, and necessary”.
“A funny, incisive, one-man journey to enlightenment.” - San Francisco Bay Times
"Incisive, Insightful, Interesting and Important. Oh, and Funny. Laugh out-loud, ain't that the
truth, stop you're killin' me, funny." ] - Auburn New York Citizen
"Filled with funny and philosophical insights - Dugan's take goes far beyond yuks
about leaving the toilet seat up.” - Washington Post
"Hilarious and meaningful! A lot of fun and a lot of Truth!" - Marianne Williamson
"Hilarious, Profound, Important." - Ben Vereen
"Men Fake Foreplay needs to fly across America and abroad and be translated into many languages!"
- Amy Smart, Actor/Activist