SBL Entertainment Presents – Peter Petty & his Titans of Terpsichore

May 8, 2020 May 8, 2020

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Let's go see what "Da Man wit' Da Flop" is doin'! The incomparable Jazz tumult that is Peter Petty & his Titans of Terpsichore! orchestra is goin' be mad-muggin' you upside your head, and rattlin' your bones back down the other side when they turn the Sofia Theater into the jumpin'est, jivin'ist, great-gosh-alive-in'-ist Swing spot in town! Come tear it up to the most sinfully scintillated splendiferosity you EVER hoped to syncopate.

Peter Petty is a Sacramento-based nationally performing "personality" who, locally, has notably worked with The Capital City Stage, the Music Circus, starred in a series of Tower Records training films (alongside Jack Gallagher, no less), and in the independent GIG Ventures feature film Jump-Cut. He has appeared on albums with Elektra recording artists Papa’s Culture and Columbia Records’ Cake, and has plied his 3 1/2 vocal range for the Sacramento Opera through 8 seasons. As a bandleader he has garnered four Sacramento Area Music Award (SAMMIE) nominations, won the 2018 Live Performer SAMMIE award, and has performed repeatedly for the Sacramento French Film Festival, the Sacramento Ballet, the Crocker Art Museum, the Mondavi Center, and the Sacramento Music Festival & Jazz Jubilee. He coins the term Hep-Hop-era to describe his infectious, eclectic, historical musical mash-up that connects the dots between seemingly disparate genres through an adventurous and hilarious theatricality that entertains the “swell” out of audiences of all ages. Peter Petty also serves as a director on the boards of both the Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy, and BTU Arts. He lives in East Sacramento with his wife Theresa, and two hermit crabs.