SBL Entertainment Presents – Shari Savage

October 30, 2019 October 30, 2019

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Shari Savage is a raucous comic who takes any audience by surprise. Six decades of rough living followed by marrying a sugar daddy yields a wealth of material, and every topic is up for grabs. Ask her about being a funeral arranger, a cigarette model, stage diving, why she was fired from a major California amusement park, senior sex, marrying for money, and why she can never go back to Weiser, Idaho.

Clean, blue, or anything in between, Shari delivers a memorable experience every time. To spend an evening with Shari Savage is to laugh out loud at the human experience. Her funny perspectives on aging, dating, parenting, and how men and women stand one another are the ones you’ve always had and just didn’t know it.

Every hilarious story Shari tells is true, and no topic from her amazing life is spared. She ponders the great mysteries, like why there aren’t more movies with Harry Connick Jr in them, examines the time-honored wisdom of marrying for money, and says what you always wished you could if you didn’t want to get slapped.