SBL Entertainment Presents – Sven & The Masterful Majestic Orchestra

June 7, 2019 June 7, 2019

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The San Francisco Bay Area is a major breeding ground for an abundance of musical talent, and with this movement came Sven Soderlund, who has 35 years of playing live locally under his belt as a rock & metal guitarist turned crooner vocalist in his newest project. A native of San Francisco, Sven came from a musically talented family as his father played clarinet and saxophone, and his mother played piano and vocals in a local rock band in the mid 70's.

Sven has been surrounded by music his whole life either by singing Beatles songs at a mere 5 years old, or learning the guitar 4 years later only to have it be his main focused instrument for the next 4 decades. "I strongly believe that having parents that played music and listening to several types of music, made me adjust my musical prism many years later to do what I do at this point. After recording and playing live in multiple different metal, rock, & punk influenced projects as a guitarist, Sven decided to branch out a bit and start singing a style of music he heard as a young child, and wanted to front an orchestra ideally for many years. "Some people couldn't believe I would do this, so here we are." Also recording a debut album in March for a June release this year. Stay tuned folks, I'm only getting started!