Upstairs at The B Presents – New Play Brunch

October 28, 2018 October 28, 2018

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Join us for brunch, drinks and a play reading! Food will be provided complimentary.

“I wanted to write a play for my favorite actresses, the result is Surprise Party at the End of the World.” – Amy Kelly, B Street Theatre Company Member

A surprise party in Tahoe is disrupted by a violent storm, reports of widespread panic and unexplained explosions. Fast-paced and highly comedic, five very different women must navigate their way to safety as the power goes out, cell service goes down and roads become flooded. Surprise Party at the End of the World is a tense, ridiculous and humorous ride as we watch the characters reveal their biggest secrets and fears. A play about family, friendship and the tremendous strength that surfaces when we must fight for our survival.