Upstairs at The B Presents – Sam Kebede Stand-Up Comedy

December 14, 2019 December 14, 2019

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Sam Kebede's "I'm Ostracized because I'm Ostrich-sized"

Meet Sam. Sam is gangly. Impressively gangly. He's so gangly that at a young age it became clear that he would either have to get funny or get incredible abs. Well, six-packs are hard to get so here we are. "I'm Ostracized Because I'm Ostrich-Sized" is his hour long set that covers everything and anything his mind can comment on. Whether it be Star Wars, Sharknado, or 19th century presidents, Sam has an opinion. And he will tell it while looking like an inflatable tube man outside of a car dealership come to life.

Sam Kebede is an Comedian/Writer/Actor that has performed across the globe. This past summer he was at the world-famous Venice International Film Festival where his crowd work was put to the test as he attempted to improvise comedy with audience members from around the world. He's performed his stand up routine at multiple locations in NYC, and has performed everything from shakespeare to wacky modern comedies all across the nation. You may also recognize Sam as Golden Thunder from Airness, Vic from Ironbound, and he's soon to grace the stage as Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz.