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Playwriting Workshops

B Street Theatre teaching artists conduct more than 400 workshops in hundreds of classrooms each year throughout the greater Sacramento area. B Street’s mission is to promote education and literacy, social interaction, and cultural enrichment by engaging children and adults in the highest quality theatre arts and playwriting. As a new works-focused theatre for adults, playwriting is at the heart of B Street’s defining company identity. Along those lines we offer the following opportunities to share our experience with you and your students!

Introduction to Playwriting

This is a single 90-minute workshop designed to inspire and empower students to write their own plays. This workshop takes place in a single classroom, for up to 30 students.
Cost: $275
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Playwriting Towards Production-3 workshop series

This is a series of three 90-minute workshops designed to lead students from inspired ideas to completed drafts of original plays. This workshop series takes place in a single classroom, for up to 30 students.
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After School Programming

Our teaching artists will tailor your After School program to suit your school or organization’s needs.


• Learn theatre games and exercises!

• Develop communication and performance skills!

• Perform plays from B Street’s catalog of student written scripts!

After School Program

This is a series of eight 90-minute workshops taking place after school hours, meeting weekly, for up to 25 students. Under the direction of B Street Teaching Artists participants learn theatre games & exercises, develop performance skills, and perform plays from our extensive catalog of scripts.
Cost: $2,400 for 8 weeks. $1,800 for 6 weeks
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Specialty Workshops

Whether you are are planning to attend a Student Matinee Field Trip performance at the Sofia, or looking to polish a planned performance by your students, we offer the following workshops to enhance the experience

Dramatic Connection Workshop

Workshops based on the study guides tailored to each of our Family Series/Student Matinee field trip productions, incorporating historical context, story structure, acting & writing exercises. Workshops take place in single classrooms for up to 30 students, pre or post performance.
Cost: $300 *available when booking Student Matinee Field Trip performances.
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Creativity & Collaboration

This is a single 90-minute workshop utilizing theatre games & improvisational exercises to encourage collaboration & problem solving. This workshop takes place in a single classroom, for up to 30 students.
Corresponding California Arts Standards:
CREATING, PERFORMING Anchor Standard 1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work. Anchor Standard 2: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
Cost: $275
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To book a workshop, and to check dates and availability please fill out the School Performance and Education Registration Form. If you have urgent questions or concerns please call (916) 442-5635 or email

Praise for Our Workshops

Thank you so much for sponsoring our play writing workshops. My students had such a positive experience. First, we had an amazing class with a professional actor. He taught the basics of play structure and had the class collaboratively draft a play. Then the kids got to act it out! What a ball they had. The best part of this was that the students were left with the sense that they could write a play. They were empowered to try. I had students- even the most reluctant of writers-asking when we were going to have writing time! It was fantastic. Every single duo of students turned in a play.
Teacher, Peter Shields Elementary, Rancho Cordova

B Street had an amazing impact on these students. The two fourth grades classes enjoyed learning about the details that go into to writing a play. They were completely engaged during the writing workshops. As a result, they were very excited to be able to write their own plays. I am very proud to let you know that one of the fourth grade student’s plays was chosen by the B Street ….I truly believe that our students have become more engaged writers because of these workshops and assembly. Thank you.

Mrs. B., Rancho Cordova

It is really appreciative that students from a Title 1 school are given this great opportunity by your donation. The families of our students are very grateful of what this opportunity will allow the students to experience.

Mr. A., Rancho Cordova

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