Workshops & Residencies


The mission of B Street Theatre is to promote education and literacy, social interaction and cultural enrichment by engaging children and adults in the highest quality theatre arts and playwriting.

Playwriting Workshops

Workshop Objectives

  • To initiate young writers into the process and skill of creative writing
  • To introduce participants to the entire process of a theatrical production: how a writer’s thoughts get put to paper and how that gets put on stage
  • To inspire students to discover their own untapped creativity
  • To be equipped with tools to write plays of their own initiative
  • To give them the opportunity to participate in B Street’s Annual children’s playwriting contest, an event open to children in 12 counties

Workshop Content

  • Brainstorming with students on stories that they already know
  • Character analysis of protagonists and antagonists and how they evolve in the story
  • Developing a plot
  • Improvisation work
  • Writing ideas down
  • Collectively write a play and have it “enacted” at the end of the session

Practical Details

  • Workshop can be held in a large classroom, media center, library, or theatre
  • 90 minutes – either during or after school hours
  • Students should have writing materials with them (paper, pencils, etc.)
  • Cost: $250 for one session / 600 for three sessions with same group of students*

*mileage of $0.55 per mile is charged for any schools outside of Sacramento County

CLICK HERE for our Playwriting Workshop outline.

After-School Workshops & Residencies

Working with B Street’s Teaching Artists, students:

  • Learn theatre games and exercises!
  • Develop Performance Skills!
  • Perform Plays from B Street’s catalog of scripts!
  • Workshop series and residencies culminate with a performance for invited guests and friends!

CLICK HERE for 2018 brochure.

Off-site Adult Workshops & Residencies

B Street has expanded its off-site workshops to working with adults. Contact us for information on how we can serve your group’s needs.

Book a Performance

To book a workshop, and to check dates and availability please fill out the School Performance and Education Registration Form. If you have urgent questions or concerns please call (916) 442-5635 or email

Praise for Our Workshops

Thank you so much for sponsoring our play writing workshops. My students had such a positive experience. First, we had an amazing class with a professional actor. He taught the basics of play structure and had the class collaboratively draft a play. Then the kids got to act it out! What a ball they had. The best part of this was that the students were left with the sense that they could write a play. They were empowered to try. I had students- even the most reluctant of writers-asking when we were going to have writing time! It was fantastic. Every single duo of students turned in a play.
Teacher, Peter Shields Elementary, Rancho Cordova

B Street had an amazing impact on these students. The two fourth grades classes enjoyed learning about the details that go into to writing a play. They were completely engaged during the writing workshops. As a result, they were very excited to be able to write their own plays. I am very proud to let you know that one of the fourth grade student’s plays was chosen by the B Street ….I truly believe that our students have become more engaged writers because of these workshops and assembly. Thank you.

Mrs. B., Rancho Cordova

It is really appreciative that students from a Title 1 school are given this great opportunity by your donation. The families of our students are very grateful of what this opportunity will allow the students to experience.

Mr. A., Rancho Cordova

Thank you to our group sponsors:

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  • Point West
  • Laguna Sunrise
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Thank you to these foundations:

  • Arata Brothers Trust

Thank you to these individual sponsors:

  • Kevin and Angela Spease, Elk Grove
  • Pat Murphy, Rancho Cordova
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ross Johnson, Rancho Cordova
  • Walter Imboden and Corinne Wittman of Wittman Enterprises, Rancho Cordova
  • Paul Schubert and Sean Twilla of Golden State Water, Rancho Cordova
  • Beth Walter of McNellis Partners, Rancho Cordova
  • John Chapman of Northwestern Mutual, Rancho Cordova


To find out how to become a sponsor, please contact our Outreach and Education Office at (916) 442-5635.