B Social

Every Wednesday at 7pm

Anything can happen, and usually does in this Dave Pierini-hosted night of entertainment. Song, soliloquy and spontaneous challenges keep the night rolling. And the laughs. Join us each week for B Social!

April 14 – The Great Debate Show

Join us this week for B Social where you can help settle every debate. If we’ve learned anything this year, its that the B Street Company have strong opinions. Dave will pit two company members against each other to debate something. The audience will pick the winner and the loser will have dire consequences in the form of a punishment doled out by Dave! Let’s settle everything!

April 21 – Prom Night

It’s that time of year! Join B Social as we host our own virtual Prom! Questionable fashion and hair, clumsy corsages and boutonnieres and the all important slow dance get the spotlight as Dave and company relive the most exciting night of High School.