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The Conservatory’s mission is to provide aspiring actors of all ages with the skills, tools, and confidence to reveal their unique acting talents. The Conservatory provides a positive, creative atmosphere where you can learn the craft of acting, from basic technique to the practical aspects of building a career in the theatre.

Spring 2023

Improv Essentials with Andy Sarouhan

The skills that make improvisation delightful are listening, collaboration, generosity, honesty, and presence. This 6-week course will focus on the essential sources of spontaneity and creativity (and what blocks them!), as well as provide students a chance to reignite their instincts towards play.  Perfect for students completely new to improvisation, as well as those with previous training who wish to sharpen their fundamentals.

6 Thursdays
April 13-May 18


Jack Gallagher– Jack is a professional comedian with 45+ years of experience. With appearances on television, in movies and on stage he knows what makes something funny and entertaining. Well, most of the time

Andy Sarouhan– Andy has been a professional improviser and improv instructor for 25 years. He spent much of his professional career in San Francisco, performing and coaching improvisation of many styles, from short scenes and games to full-length improvised plays and musicals. Since relocating to his new home in Sacramento, he has been happily involved in the improv and performance world in this wonderful city.

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