Virtual Classroom

For teachers!

From a simple 7 to 10 minute vocal & physical warm-up activity, to a more fully developed 25 minute “Writing Challenge,” our team of dedicated teaching artists are ready to enhance and brighten the days of student & virtual classroom teacher alike.

The Actors Toolbox: Voice, Body, and Imagination

A simple 7 to 10 minute vocal & physical warm-up activity, finishing up with a fun theatre game!

Playwriting Classes for Kids!

B Street Theatre teaching artists lead a series of virtual playwriting classes designed to inspire and empower students to write their own plays.

Creativity & Collaboration: Theatre Games for Kids!

Theatre games & improvisational exercises encourage collaboration & problem solving, tailored to fit within the time frame of the classroom teacher working in the virtual environment.

Behind the Curtain, a Backstage Pass

Invite a B Street Theatre artist to spend some time with your students sharing how they do what they do. Actors, designers, and directors are standing by with an inside look at what happens backstage!

Scheduling information

To schedule or to learn more about our programming, please contact Greg Alexander at galexander@bstreettheatre.org

In the spirit of the extraordinary circumstances in which we all find ourselves, these virtual workshops are being offered FREE of charge. Donations are welcome, and will help us reopen the doors once we’re given the all-clear to do so