Faces of B Street

Your chance to have a portrait of your choice be immortalized on the outside wall of the new Fort Sutter Hotel

Commissioned art will support The Sofia, Home of B Street Theatre. The funds raised will directly help B Street’s Outreach and Educational programs for kids across the region.



“Faces of B Street” is a unique project that will support the B Street Theatre and help beautify the exterior of the theatre and contribute significantly to the local arts community. The project will be on the east exterior wall that faces the new Fort Sutter Hotel.

This location will house the hotel’s bar and restaurant outdoor seating. The hardscaping, murals, and landscaping will create a very “European” feel to the space and create a unique gathering space outside of the Fort Sutter Hotel.

Regional artists will be commissioned to paint, draw or photograph theatre donors employing their own distinct artistic style. The artwork will then be scanned in high resolution, and the actual portraits will be gifted to the donor. The scan of the image will then be printed on durable dibond aluminum and mounted to a metal grid to create a mosaic of faces from the community. The works can be family portraits, individual portraits, or anything else on that theme. You can even commission a portrait as a gift to someone or even a portrait of someone else.


50 portraits of varying sizes are available.

$20,000: 4 ft x 6 ft portrait

$15,000: 4 ft x 5 ft portrait

$10,000: 3 ft x 4 ft portrait


How will I be connected with an artist?

A list of qualified artists will be provided to you.

Can I choose what artist does my commissioned piece?

Yes! A minor price increase may occur based on the artist you are interested in working with.

Who owns the rights to the portraits once they are hung?

The artist. Of course, in the event of a special circumstance, removal of the art may be arranged.