B3 Series

The (Curious Case Of The) Watson Intelligence

JAN 6 – FEB 7, 2015

Watson: trusty sidekick to Sherlock Holmes; loyal engineer who built Bell’s first telephone; unstoppable super-computer that became reigning Jeopardy! Champ all become one in this witty, time-jumping Pulitzer prize nominated comedy.


Mainstage Series

5 Songs

JAN 18 - MAR 1

For six weeks only, nationally acclaimed comedian and playwright Jack Gallagher, returns to B Street. In his newest one-man interactive show, Gallagher tells stories based on four popular songs the audience suggests and one his own choosing. The show will change every night based on the audience’s choices! Gallagher’s humorous and touching reflections on each song will reflect the rich and varied experiences from Jack’s life.


Family Series

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Four shows in a season! A place where imagination and education come together. Be whisked away into the fantastic world of the Brothers Grimm. Fly away with the Wright Brothers! Become spellbound by classic Hispanic folk tales. It's the most affordable ticket in town!

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