B3 Series


JUN 29 - JUL 26

The world premiere of a touching drama with a light, metaphysical touch. In this magical story, Cleo is a librarian in a rare books library high atop a mountain. Her self-imposed isolation is broken only to teach an older gentleman to read. The quiet routine of Cleo’s life is disrupted by Frances, a worldly woman on a quest to read a list of 100 books. When the book that Frances seeks comes up missing, Frances ingratiates herself into the library and Cleo's life.


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The Hound of the Baskervilles

JUN 29 – AUG 10

For the fan of Sherlock Holmes, this big and broad play reminiscent of 39 Steps and Around the World in 80 Days will delight audiences and have them roaring. When Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead with the paw prints of a gigantic hound beside his body, the great detective Sherlock Holmes is summoned to unravel the mysteries surrounding his death.